Russian Martial Art (SYSTEMA) in Sweden
Systema i Örebro

Training Mission&Vision Statements

    ''To be able for learning The Russian Martial Art (Systema) here, You don't need to be an aggressive or violent person and I will never train you to be that  kind of person.
To participate in Systema training here You Just need to have the fighting spirit and leave your ego then you can be ready to learn with your good intention because We will get better together not you get better than another this is not the concept of Systema training here.
In Systema Training here I will focus on the issue each student which might not the same issue because Someone might have a problem with controlling fear, anger or was a victim in somewhere before And Someone might use self-defense without knowing their potential for each situation and their personalities also will affect the way they learn So I will not train you to keep doing the same stuff if haven't any good result for you and if it does not help you to improve your skill then I will find a better way/method for you to train.
Remember that you come here to learn self-defense and This is not Sports competition so I don't have the gold medal for you here and No one will be a winner or loser in the group training included me so please take it easy and enjoy sharing to each other.  Be happy  No pressure here.
The concept of Systema Training here is to prepare your mind & body for being a survival or protector, defender, attacker if needed or just for keeping your health, balance and to stay strong and stable & calm.  (It depend on the situation that happens in real life) and that is the reason why You can practice Systema for life and you can train Systema with another and with yourself.
Remember that I'm not gonna train you to live up to any weapon but yourself.
If you agree with these above sentences then you are really welcome to try Systema here.''
Words By :- Jani (Systema Instructor) 
Here = and/ Systema Örebro
I = Jani (Systema Instructor)
You,They = Students or who may interested in this training