Russian Martial Art (SYSTEMA) in Sweden
Systema i Örebro


Our Courses

1. Systema training introduction course (2 Lessons)

2. Systema training intensive course (10 Lessons)

Systema training intensive course available to only students who get approved from Me (Instructor)  or after Systema Introduction course.

In Systema Training Introduction you will receive

- 2 Lessons you will understand the principles and foundation with breathing,functional relaxation,movement,functional form and control of attack with minimal power to see your issue and what you need and want to learn next.  

- Free Systema Introduction & preview DVD By Vladimir Vasiliev

I teach in Swedish(native) English and Finnish.

In Systema training intensive course you will receive

- 10 Lessons

- Systema member card

I teach in Swedish(native) English and Finnish.